ChemBot sampling needle

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ChemBot™ sampling needle
ChemBot™ sampling needles are a patent pending device used to regulate the duration of your sample, at the same time providing users with a standard 1/4 inch inlet.  They are made from stainless steel parts, which are all 1/4 inch .  They are clean, leak free, and durable.  
ChemBot™ sampling needles include a critical orifice, which regulates the flow of your gas or liquid sample.  They allow you to take time integrated samples from 0-72 hours.  Each one comes with a filter to ensure your sample is not compromised by particulate matter. The body of the critical orifice is standard 1/4 inch pipe, making connecting tubing, other fittings, and anything really simple.  
The best part is that you don't need a wrench to use it.  The needle makes a consistent seal with the septa inside the ChemBot™ inlet.  So all you need to do is finger tighten the nut, and wait for your sample to complete.  

ChemBot™ sampling needle specification sheet

Flow range                                0.005ml/minute - 100ml/minute      
Fitting Material          316 Stainless steel
ChemBot™ Needle 316 Stainless steel 
Critical orifice  Silicon
Seals Kel-F, Viton
Filters   polypropylene
Max vacuum  -29.9 inches mercury
Max pressure 15 psi
Max temperature  Up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
interchangeable parts  Yes