ChemBot vacuum needle gauge

Price: $149.99
Chembot™ vacuum needle gauge
This device is a patent pending design used to measure the vacuum or pressure of a ChemBot™.  It functions exactly the same as traditional vacuum/pressure gauges, and is primarily composed of 316 stainless steel.  ChemBot vacuum needle gauges read your results instantaneously, and has virtually no effect on the vacuum contained within the ChemBot™.   They are durable, safe, and designed to be used over and over again, and are safe to decontaminate is necessary.  

ChemBot™ vacuum needle gauge specification sheet

Size                                1.5 inch diameter gauge      
Weight 6 ounces
Fitting Material          316 Stainless steel
ChemBot™ Needle 316 Stainless steel 
Seals   Viton
Max vacuum  -29.9 inches mercury
Max pressure 30 psi
Max temperature  Up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
interchangeable parts  Yes