ChemBots™ are new vacuum charged sampling devices for both gasses and liquids.  They are single-use, very low cost, inert, traceable, and sample from 0 to 72 hours.  Our patent pending sampling needle valve and septa seals make it easy, safe and efficient to sample anywhere, any time, with no electricity and no wrenches.  
Sampling gasses and liquids is as easy as 12
                                                         Only $24.99-$49.99
              1. Open the ChemBot™ and flip the bottle 180 degrees;exposing the inlet
              2. Check and record the vacuum with the vacuum needle gauge
              3.  Insert the sampling needle and finger tighten the nut.

That's it.  It's that easy!

When the sample is complete; remove the sampling needle, check and record the vacuum, flip the ChemBot™ back to it's original position in the box, and ship to the laboratory of your choice.  ChemBots™ are guaranteed to be 93.3% vacuum (greater than 28 inches of mercury), with the remaining balance as nitrogen gas.   They have a shelf life of greater than 30 days and each serialized ChemBot™ comes with a traceable certificate of inertness, plastic shipping bag for iced coolers, and a grab sampling needle. 





Better results. Better price.  Always ready to sample
Super low cost, with pricing between $24.99 and $49.99
Can be used for both gasses and liquids
Method compliant for almost all methodologies
Clean and ready to use
Sample over 0-72 hours
Replace summa cans for a tiny fraction of the cost
No more cleaning summa cans
Highly reproducible results
Certificate of inertness via EPA Method TO-15
Low cost shipping; lightweight and as compact as possible. 
At your door within 24 hours!